Best Food Blogs Award 2019

Be updated with the best and latest African dishes by following our list of food bloggers around Africa. They are among the most followed food blogs on the internet and considered to be of excellence in terms of delivering the healthiest and tastiest. They provide step by step instructions and present fresh and healthy ingredients. Check out their traditional recipes with mouthwatering images. These blogs definitely make strong impressions and are of great help in developing our cooking skills.

Browsing the web for online resources that you can actually count on to give you reliable information can be a complicated endeavor, mostly because there are a lot of times when the details provided are not true. With this being the case, it’s always comforting to know that there are blogs like the ones on this list where you just know that the news being covered are pertinent and useful to the readers.

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The nigerianlazychef is never lazy when it comes to sharing her love for African cuisine. Nma has incorporated art and cooking. She develops recipes and sees cooking as an art. Follow her blog and celebrate food, life and love.
Best Food Blogs Award 2019 | aftradvillagekitchen

Aftrad Village Kitchen

Ghanaian recipes are unique for most of the main dishes are starchy and accompanied by sauce that are a great source of protein. This website provides step by step guides to the best Ghanaian cuisines. Learn tips and techniques and be able to create the best traditional African dishes.
Freda is an engineer who loves to travel the world in search for the best culinary inspiration. Read about her discoveries and experiences. She gave time about documenting local and international recipes. She also produces that Afro Cosmopolitan diet.
Most of us think that preparing African dishes can take a lot of time and effort. Founder Oumou Bah teaches us how to cook delicious African recipes the simplest way and presents videos for us to learn step by step. She learned how to cook at an early age from her mother who inspires her and taught her to love the African cuisine. Choose from hundreds of recipes and can even make a request through her contact section located on her website.
If you are in search for an original recipe, then this website is for you. Author Ann Hobbs Rayner is an award-winning food writer, influencer, journalist and recipe developer who has been writing about her works for over 9 years now. Her first cookbook was published in 2012 and has been unstoppable since then. Each recipe on her blog is carefully researched and patiently tested for a guaranteed hit.
Nina’s career shifted from the medical to the culinary field. Her love and passion made this website possible and she has been sharing great recipes ever since. Her blog became popular and has become one of the most widely read online. Check out her cooking videos and learn from her demonstrations and cooking classes.
Janet takes us to this awesome wine and food adventure via photographs and articles that can be found on her website. Most of the images are her own and the articles are honestly written by her. She has been traveling and documenting for the benefit of her readers and to create memories with them. Discover the best restaurants and wine farms by following this blog.
Considered as a major influencer in the field of blogging, Sarah shares with us her recipes being able to publish cookbooks and have her own television show. She loves writing and does extensive research before posting it on her website. Obviously, South African cuisine is amazingly covered.
Best Food Blogs Award 2019 |

African Food Map make Nigerian cuisine accessible to the world. This website presents traditional dishes and re-invents some in an interesting and exciting ways. Readers can learn from tips and also from e-books that is free to download. This site is definitely one to bookmark.
Best Food Blogs Award 2019 |
93% makes Nigerian cuisine accessible to the world. This website presents traditional dishes and re-invents some in an interesting and exciting ways. Readers can learn from tips and also from e-books that is free to download. This site is definitely one to bookmark.
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