We have a dream!

Imagine a world where people have enough money left in their wallets to do fun stuff. A world where anyone can learn how to save, and where we all help each other with it. A world where lists, articles and columns with tips, tricks and lifehacks are a daily reality, which gives people the chance to live cheaper. We strive to help you keep as much money as possible in your pocket so you are able to do fun things!

A strong community of writers and editors form the core of SavePedia.co.nz and work hard to make your life cheaper. Committed through passion to create high quality articles. But this community is nothing without you; Savepedia.com is an online community and that means that you can write and edit articles by yourself. Do you have an awesome idea for an article? Please do let us know!

The articles are examples, so don’t be afraid to start a discussion to share ideas and experiences and write a nice and exciting article too. In every article, saving is the main subject.