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Brilliant washing machine guides. No more broken pieces!

Clothes in, a scoop of powder… START! Wait a second, that’s not how my blouse looked before! Before you turn on the washing machine, you should know what kinds of fabric need to be separated by colour and texture; choosing a type of wash and knowing how much detergent has to go in there. Do your mom and housemates a favour. You will eventually have to learn how to use a washing machine on your own. Every fabric requires a different treatment – as soon as you learn how to wash your clothes, they will last for ages. Are you a big washing machine klutz? Read this short manual right away.

Protect your clothes when using mashing machine

Don’t mix light laundry with dark laundry. Why? Because those dark jeans leak colour in the washing machine, causing your snow white blouse to get a purple glow. To prevent this, you should separate your dark/coloured laundry from your pastel/white laundry.

Laundry schedule

Protect your lingerie! Dear ladies, isn’t it a shame that your favourite bra’s strap deforms? No matter how expensive your lingerie is, they won’t last long if you keep making the same mistakes while washing it. Underwear easily gets damaged in machines. That’s why you should put it in a special laundry bag.

Your clothing says this. Labels weren’t sewn onto your clothes for decoration. This is how you can find out if that expensive coat can go in the washing machine, before delivering it to the dry cleaner.

Damage free. Limit damage to your clothing by zipping everything up and washing your sequin dress inside out. Close those hooks and buttons before everything goes in the washing machine. This way, you prevent your clothes from getting damaged and losing its quality.

Hot clothes. Just like with cooking a meal, temperature management is important. Warm water is meant for light fabric that is pretty heavily stained. Unless you want to steal that XXL sweater your brother or boyfriend has, in that case, good for you! – cotton will shrink in too hot water. Use cold water for dark and coloured clothing with a high chance of colour leaking. Cold water can also be used for washing cotton clothes.

Washing Machine

Dirty white. You can add some bleach if your white laundry is very dirty. This still means that you’ll have to read the label, as the composition of every product differs. Thin the bleach if your washing machine has a special dispenser for it. For that blouse with the purple glow I’d advise you to use some chlorine – welcome back snow white blouse!

Soft secret. Fabric softener will not only make your laundry soft, it will also give it a special protective layer around the fabric’s fibers. This will decrease friction. Your clothing will keep their quality, fit and colours. Furthermore, clothing will be easier to iron and will dry quicker. Every fabric softener has a special dosing cap, and always put the fabric softener in the appropriate tray in the washing machine. Never try to thin it with water! The product is very sensitive to very warm or cold environments, so store it at room temperature.

Money saving tip

Order your high quality clothing without shipping costs at Asos if your clothes can’t be saved after all.


Small, medium and large. How much laundry do you have to do? There are settings for different amounts. Beforehand, check how full your washing machine is:

25% full is a small laundry, 50% full is medium and 75% full is a large laundry. The washing machine is not supposed to be filled all the way. Keeping some empty space will make sure that the water can get around well.

Detergent. How much detergent you need depends on how big your laundry is. The instructions are on the detergent box so you’ll know how much you need. Every product has a different concentration, so this is something I can’t really advise you on.

Protect your clothes when using washing machine

Here’s why I wrote this guide..

I have had to throw away a lot of clothes because I didn’t know how to use my washing machine at all. To keep my readers from making the same mistakes, I decided to write this article. Hopefully by now you’ve learned more about how you should be washing and protecting your clothes before you actually turn on your washing machine.

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