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Lose weight without quitting drinking alcohol

Lose weight while drinking alcohol

When you decide to drink alcohol, that brings you a lot of calories. But entirely quitting alcohol to lose weight strikes me as a very uninviting idea. “Don’t invite me for a while, because now I’m really going to stop drinking to lose weight!” That is something I have heard my friends say all too many times. Still I always catch them falling back into their old pattern after a while. Do not be ashamed if this is a dilemma for you. You are not the only one. Who says losing weight and a healther life need to be completely free of alcohol or partying? Has a miraculous cure for all alcohol’s damging effects been invented? No, there is not. Luckily, there are some lifehacks that allow you to shout CHEERS without feeling bad about it, without waking up with a hangover or gaining lots of weight. I am a partychick that does not skip a birthday and makes healthy choices. Maybe this article will stimulate you to start drinking responsibly as well. This is how you avoid a layer of fat on your body and also being a killjoy:

Never stop eating proteine-rich food

A lot of people tend to get some pizza or Ben&Jerry’s when they get home from a night out. Those barely contain any nutritients. Make sure that you have products with lean proteins and vegetables like chicken fillet, beef or farmer’s cheese. Good carbohydrates are in wholegrain pasta, rice and potatoes.

Fruity choices to lose weight

My preference usually goes to a fresh tequila with a slice of lemon. That way I can still take in some vitamin C and antioxidants. Vodka and sparkling water is recommended if you are used to mixed drinks. Did you think you were being healthy when you switched Fanta for a bitter soft drink? You probably did not know that tonic does not differ that much when it comes to the sugar it contains. Sparkling water is a more responsible choice.


Limit your sugars

Make sure you do not drink fruity mixed drinks or cocktails full of sugar. The combination of alcohol with soft drinks is a calorie bomb. Did you know that a full glass of Pina Colada (200ml) contains about 650 calories?

Quitting beer? NO WAY

If you are already being unhealthy anyway.. I have some good news for beer fans: dark beers contain more B-vitamins and antioxidants, which gets you more nutritients than lightly coloured beer. Watch it, though: do not drink more than 2 glasses of dark beer, you will stay below the 300 calories that way.

tequila shots
Fit man

Team red

Quitting sweet white wine is a big step in the process of losing weight. Are you really a big fan of white wine, choose the dry variety. Red wine contains less calories and some added benefits! Red wine is well-known for its big amount of antioxidants. White wine has those too, but not nearly as many. Recent research by the Oregon State University proved that the health of obesitas patients improved by drinking darkly coloured grape juice – in this case, red wine. This solved some metabolism problems.

“By stimulating the burning of fat, especially in the liver, they can improve the working of their livers.” – Neil Shay, biologist

Red Wine

Health fact..

A recent study by Oregon State University has shown that obese patients by drinking dark colored grape juice – in this case red wine – had improved their health. They had thus addressed metabolism problems.

You do not have to quit alcohol as long as you work for it

Also try to work out for some time the morning after a night out. If you have a slow metabolism, you are often cold and you gain weight quickly. By actively dancing and keeping to it I lose weight without refraining from drinking alcohol. Maybe you are not the type to completely go wild at a party, that is not a problem! Before I go to a party, sometimes I step into the gym. By doing weight training your muscle mass will grow and that improves the burning of fat in your body.

Woman with bottle of champagne
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We know by now that quitting alcohol is the best way to lose some weight. The amount of calories in a drink is determined by the alcohol percentage and the sugars in it. Do you still want to enjoy, a glass of champagne is a good choice as it is low on sugars and calories. Most of all, drink in moderation and never do it to quench your thirst. Do you get drunk quickly? Then always alternate a glass of booze with a glass of water. In the end, you will still enjoy a good glass of wine or champagne. Not drinking alcohol is definitely not a requirement to lose weight.

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