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Maximum Tennis Fun On A Shoestring Budget

Tennis is a really great sport and it’s perfect for keeping fit, but did you know it can also be really cheap? Wimbledon has gotten this reputation for being a high-society activity but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can still play tennis even when on a shoestring budget and today, we’ll show you how.

Tennis Store

Discounted Equipment

Unless you are planning on becoming a professional tennis player, you will want to buy your tennis equipment from a discount store or a specialty store that offers equipment at a much lower price. More often than not, you are likely going to end up with equipment that are used, old and will also show some wear. The condition of the equipment is a huge consideration here as cheap prices won’t count for much if you can’t use them in the first place.

As such, from the shoes, the clothes, the balls and of course the tennis racket, you will still need to make sure that they are of good quality even with a cheaper price. As for where you will find such places, you can go to your local supermarket, a thrift store, a bazaar and of course, online.

Playing tennis is fun

Go For Group Training

If you’re not that good at tennis yet but you want be as soon as possible, it might occur to you to get a personal trainer. However, as nifty as that might be, it’s better to go for group training instead. You will typically find the discount to shave quite a bit from the expense that you normally would have had to pay with a one-on-one session. More than that, it’s also lots more fun to train to play tennis as a group than just by your lonesome.

Don’t Throw Away Tennis Balls

Oddly enough, a lot of new tennis players seem to be under the impression that tennis balls are only good for a single session. Afterwards, they can be thrown in the trash. This is simply not the case.

Tennis balls can be used for as many times as needed and the only time one would need to be thrown away is if it no longer serves its purpose. This means that the outer coating has been sheered clean, it has been torn in some way or it simply does not bounce the way it used to. You can usually feel the difference with the latter.


This is an obvious one but we’ll include it anyway; borrow equipment. If you have friends, family, co-workers or just anyone you are close to who have tennis equipment that you can borrow, do so. There’s no reason to spend money if you just want to play tennis as a hobby. If you want to do so as a real pursuit though, then you can apply everything else we talked about here.

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