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How to train for a marathon on a tight budget

Every runner can now run a marathon! Don’t worry because the first marathon will always be challenging. That is why you should first try a half marathon. Regardless of the distance, you need to have a solid preparation.

Great news because you don’t have to spend a lot to prepare for a marathon. You also don’t have to buy for expensive sports subscriptions. You only need a pair of great shoes and a training outfit!

Who does not wish to run a marathon? Some runners may be afraid to run a distance, but there are ways on how to do it easily. Don’t be scared even if you should run for 42,195 kilometers!

Runners make their way through Queens

Here are some of the tips to remember in training for a marathon:

  • Structure your training well. Every week, try to run additional 20% of the time spent previously. For instance, if you run for 20 minutes in the first week, run for 24 minutes on the second week and 28.8 minutes for the third week. Of course, your body also needs to rest. Thus, you can also decrease by 20% on the fourth week.
  •  Run for a specified time at a certain distance. Run at a slower pace during the training than during the marathon. Although it is impossible to reach the marathon distance, it’s okay because it is still all about time.
  • Remember, speed is more important than the distance. You don’t have to travel across a long distance, what matters most is the time. Otherwise, your body will not be used to burning fats and you may just depend on the marathon.
  • Train to run more quickly once a week. Don’t sprint, just run the same pace at 10 kilometers for 20 minutes.
  •  Aside from the training and the long run, you can also do it for the third and fourth time. Train for a maximum of 80 minutes with an occasional 10 to 15 minute switch to your marathon tempo to get used to it.
  • If you really want to have a successful outcome, don’t give up on training. Do it for multiple times a week. You should prepare yourself so that you are already used to it.

Did you know…

Running 14 kilometers is enough for a marathon training! Here is how you do it!

Train 100 days before the marathon. Strictly run 4 times a week, not more or less.

1st week:

Longest training: 8 kilometers

Shortest training: 4 kilometers

But you can change the distance.

Next weeks:

Longest training: Not to exceed 14 kilometers.

Slowly build up your trainings.

Last week: 14 kilometers

You need to run 14 kilometers for the marathon.

And because trainings are not that long, your body will be restored and you will become fitter before you start your next training. In this way, you will get a much higher quality trainings. But, remember, this scheme is only applicable for runners who can reach 10 kilometers within one hours and not overweight.

If you meet all the requirements, then you can follow the abovementioned details. Now, you can run a marathon, the next thing to do is to choose the best marathon like the Marathon of New York! This may be quite costly, but it is worth the price, so good luck!

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