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Must-have Wardrobe Basics Plus Bonus Bow Tie Tips!

The clothes you have function as a means of self-expression, freedom and protection, but having too many clothes that do essentially the same things is a waste of money. Certain special events also require you or your boyfriend to know how to tie a bowtie, which a surprising number of people don’t know how to do. As such, we will solve these problems for you in one go so you never have to worry about looking great, alone or as a couple.

The Basics

You want to make sure that you have the basics covered first when filling your wardrobe and this calls for a black tank top, a crewneck sweater and jeans. These will get you through daily life without a fuss and are incredibly cheap to boot.

The Versatile Set

What does a wool skirt, a black suit and a pinstriped oxford have in common? They all work for versatility. Whether it’s for formal meetings, work or just walking around town, you definitely need this trio.

The Statement Set

In the mood to get attention? Statement items like a printed dress, a patterned jacket and a bold blouse are great choices. Make sure to choose prints and patterns that suit your body type, skin tone and figure though. You can even complement undershirts with a colourful bow tie. This is where knowing how to tie a bow tie can come in handy.

The Party Set

Want to go out for a party? Never forget about the Little Black Dress. This baby has been a staple for evening events since Coco Chanel first rocked it decades ago. After that, you can choose a velvet jacket, a ruffled shirt, a cocktail skirt and velvet pants (preferably black).

How To Tie A Bowtie

Finally, here are tips about tying bow ties that girls can teach their boyfriends in case you need to attend a black-tie event. You want to make sure that you both look stunning, right? Assuming you have a regular strip bow tie, let’s start by designating each end point A and point B. Drape the bow tie over your neck and under your collar. Make point A two inches longer than point B and then crossing point A over point B. You then bring the end of point A up and through the loop created.

Holding the end of point A in place, double point B over itself to create the base for the tie. Once done, pull the end of point A down over the folded point B to create another loop. Fold point A over itself, bring it over point B and up, and then push it through the loop you just created before pulling tight. Adjust the tightness of the bow tie accordingly and that’s how to tie a bow tie.

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