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Top 10 Vintage Clothing Stores in Copenhagen

Vintage Shorts

A lot of people associate vintage clothing with hipsters and homeless people, who else would buy second hand clothing right? Isn’t it gross? However, vintage clothing is just like the clothing that is in your wardrobe. Do you ever throw bags of clothing in a recycle bin? These end up in vintage clothing stores like the ones in the list below. Take a look around, buy some clothes, wash them once and they are as good as new. A simple way to save some money on new clothing (at least, new for you).

These vintage clothing stores are in and around the city centre of Copenhagen.

1. Time’s up

Time’s Up calls itself skilled with the art of scouting unique vintage designs from around the globe and distinguishing what will be the future trends within the market. For vintage clothing that is going to make a comeback in the fashion world, this is the right place to look.

2. Episode

Episode is a vintage store that has multiple stores around Europe and so is very well-known. They have good clothing, a broad assortment and decent prices.


GUNGUN is a design shop that has vintage clothing, as well as homemade design accessories, furniture and tableware. This store will offer more than the average vintage clothing store.

4. Carmen Copenhagen

Carmen is a vintage store that offers clothing and a lot of accessories. For fans, they have a broad collection of Kimonos dating back to 1920.

5. Décor

Décor is a vintage store that is often visited by Danish supermodel Helena Christensen. Therefore, you can definitely expect the clothing to be top notch. Despite that, the prices are not absurdly high and shopping for the average woman is still fun there. Men are taken into account as well. Lone Riis, the store’s owner, looks for the best clothing for the hip man.

Did you know:

Vintage clothing refers to clothing made between 20 and 100 years ago, and retro refers to recently made clothing that is designed to resemble the style of another period.

6. Seconda Moda

Seconda Moda has vintage clothing, just for women. The store, that can also be found in Germany, has a big collection for the vintage shopping woman.

7. FN. 92

If you are looking for dresses and your budget is not too big, FN. 92 is the right place to look. This vintage store predominantly sells dresses, including wedding dresses.

8. Army Wear

Army Star is a vintage store that, as the name already suggests, is specialized in army wear. Different clothes from army outfits can be found here for just a little money.

9. Wasteland

This store is also located in Los Angeles, so this is a worldwide chain. For band shirts and all kinds of denim, this is the place to be.

10. One Off

One Off is a special kind of vintage shop. The owner finds the greatest vintage items and treats them until they are even cooler. He is even behind his sowing machine while you are shopping.


Now you know exactly where you can find the best vintage clothes in the centre and surroundings of Denmark. Go out there and buy some second hand items for a small price.

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