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Lease your Own Room

Are you going on a trip, are you temporarily moving abroad or leaving for the weekend? That could become a rather costly affair. It could be a good idea to lease your room or house, so you can save some money for the trip. Of course, there are some rules to follow if you lease your room. With these tips you’ll know what to keep in mind and how you can earn some easy money from your very own house.

Lease your home on Airbnb. This is a very well-known service for leasing accomodation, so there is a big chance that your room will be found quickly. Airbnb is very easy to use. You sign up for a free account and offer your living space for lease. It can be a little mattress in your living room or an apartment, a house or even a castle (if you have one, that is).

A few tips


Are you not completely comfortable with the idea of a stranger staying in your home? Make sure to meet up with the lessee, have a phone conversation with them, or give them the opportunity to write a short introduction about themselves before agreeing to the lease. That way, you can be at ease about leasing your room.


Know your target audience. Do you want to lease to families, business people or couples? Be sure to make it clear in the ad. Try to look at it from their perspective, and write the advertisement with them in mind. Keep thinking: “What would I want?”


According to Airbnb, 40% of all bookings are made by business people. Some small enhancements, such as offering a printer and a place to work, could make your offer a lot more attractive to those audiences.


Treat your house as if you are trying to sell it. Your goal is to sell your place to as many people as possible.

Did you know...
… that there are over 50 million users on AirBnb? Chances are big that you can rent out your room within a couple of days.


Try to have as many beds as possible in the space you are trying to lease. There should at least be a big double bed, and if possible also another (smaller double) bed in which a child or two could sleep. More beds mean room for more people to sleep and a higher asking price.


Remove any personal decorations. Do you have hundreds of pictures of your family, friends and children on the walls? That could be uncomfortable for someone leasing your house. Be sure to take personal decorations down before the lessee arrives.


It’s better to take a lot of pictures than to write an extensive description of     the way the couch feels or what kind of table is in the room. Pictures allow people to see at a glance what kind of place they would end up with. They really don’t care if that couch is a little less soft than what they are used to.


Ask your lessees to write a review about the space you offered. Only people who actually stayed at your house can write reviews. This prevents a situation where fake reviews are published.


Keep the price of your accommodation low when starting out. As soon as you receive some reviews, you can always raise your price again.


It is fairly simple to lease your home and make some quick money, but it takes some getting used to. Always make sure that you are comfortable with the agreements you make, or you’ll keep worrying about your house while travelling, and that would be a shame. Do you not have any problems with the idea? Then get going, lease your home and make some easy money from your very own home.

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