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The Cheapest Sports For Fun & Fitness

Sports Performance

Playing sports is great for many reasons, but the most people do it for fun and fitness. Whether it’s a team sports like the fun football fitness mania enveloping the world or solo sports like swimming, there is something for everybody. If you have a tight budget though, you might be wondering if any of these sports are worth bothering with. Don’t worry as we are here to help you stay fit, have fun and do all of it on the cheap.



Football or soccer as it is called by our American friends, is a relatively cheap sport that is not only a great way to spend the weekend with friends but is also awesome for staying in shape. Football fitness is a trend that’s growing even among those who are not fans of the worldwide phenomenon, largely in part due to how affordable and simple it is.

All you need is a ball, a field, two goal points on each end of said field and two teams to play against each other. You can do this in most parks, in public stadiums or even in your own backyard if it’s big enough.

Playing football


Football balls: 35 Euro



If you are more the outdoors explorer type, cycling might be more your speed. All you need is a bike (preferably a mountain bike), a trail to follow and off you go. It is worth noting that, while optional, some additional equipment is recommended such as a helmet, goggles, gloves, knee pads and of course, biking shoes. They are all worthy investments though as you will be able to enjoy cycling through nature with peace of mind.

In time, you might even be able to join cycling competitions if you get good enough at it and get something for your troubles if you win. Even if you lose, you still gain a valuable experience. That’s something, right?

Group of cyclist


Mountain Bike: 499 Euro



For those who prefer to stay indoors, yoga is an excellent choice. You only basically need a yoga mat for this as all other things are optional. Once you have your yoga mat, you can either join a class for a while until you learn the ropes, get instructional DVDs or do what millennials do and watch videos on YouTube. The last part is of course the cheapest option as you only really need an internet connection for that.



Yoga Mat: 25 Euro

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