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Extreme Party ideas with low Budget.


Time flies quickly! You just moved in a new house and your friends expect you to throw a party sooner. It’s an exciting idea, but what about the budget? You need to consider paying for rent and of course, buying for festival tickets for next summer.

But, don’t make your bank account balance stop you from throwing the biggest party ever! Want to learn how Americans do it? “Bring your own drinks and food,” they say! Read how American students throw a kick-ass party without a budget!

Don’t panic in your small kitchen!

Try the American way of throwing a party, where guests bring their own delicious food. What are the main advantages of this? Well, your kitchen will remain nice and clean. You don’t have to wash more dishes, since you don’t have to cook anymore. All you have to consider are some cutlery and cups.

Instead of asking gifts from guests, which may be cumbersome for them and may be useless for you, why not suggest them to bring food and share it to others? And oh, you can ask your heavy drinker friends to bring their booze out from their cupboards.

It’s all about the vibe

Try to be creative. Think about many different ways on how to make the party more fun. Get a great deal of inspiration from movies such as the American Pie! During the party, you can push crazy challenges to your friends that you have invented beforehand. Make your imagination go wilder and brainstorm ideas to create new drinking games. Bear in mind that you want the room to be filled with fun!

How to start? Just place the red cups on the table and select different kinds of game activities.

Light bulbs

Rooftop Party or House Party?

One of the biggest factors to consider if you are planning to throw a party is its location. It’s a big plus if you have a big rooftop terrace at home. But, please be concerned about your neighbors. (Hint: Spread some notes around the neighborhood days before the party so that they will become aware)

If you don’t have a big rooftop that can accommodate your guests, then maybe a house party is just right for you! Party is fun if the atmosphere is cosy and everyone feels comfortable. Don’t worry because all you need to do is to lock all your valuables in your bedroom and you’re done! It could also help in preventing lovebirds from nesting in your sheets. You should also try to be resourceful in decorating your home. Try to borrow items from your friends or neighbors! Fancy Christmas lights or inflatable pool will do!


You cannot do this alone. That is why you need to ask help from your friends. American way of partying is all about self-service. You just have to assign each task. One person is in charge with the music, another is responsible for the booze, and others are in charge of bringing food. But, it is still recommended for everyone to bring food so that you will not cook anymore and even if you do, you can still save. May be, you need to create a Whatsapp group to assign each task.

Here is a sample recipe of tasty mini burgers:


  • bowl of mini hamburgers
  • cheddar cheese
  • cherry tomatoes
  • mini buns
  • leaves of rocket
  • ketchup



1) Grill each mini burger for 4 minutes and put a slice of cheese. Grill for another 2 minutes then set aside.
2) Cut each bun in half and top each mini burger with leaves of rocket and halved cherry tomatoes.
3) Add some ketchup and place the tops on the burgers. And that’s it! Enjoy your carefree American red cup party!

What are the most popular party games?

Flip cup

What do you need?

  • 1 red cup for every person
  • A table
  • Booze

Goal? Your team should flip all the red cups after drinking. Play with two teams of an equal number of players.

How?The players of the opposing teams stand facing one another on opposite sides of a table with a filled cup. Every first player drinks their entire cup. After that, the cup is placed upside down on the edge of the table. The player should flip the red cup, face down on the table, but only one hand movement is allowed. The next player can proceed soon after the cup of the previous player has landed on the table successfully.

Who wins? The first team that has finished drinking and flipping the entire red cups successfully wins.


What do you need?

  • Playing cards
  • Booze
  • 1 red cup

Goal? Actually, this is a drinking game which depends upon the players because there are several versions of the game.

How? Playing Kings is all about carrying out tasks. You only need to surround a cup in circle with a deck of cards and every player picks one.

2 = drink 2 shots.

3 = give a shot to the player on your left.

4 = give a shot to the player on your right.

5 = whoever is the last to put their thumb on the table, takes a shot.

6 = come up with a forbidden word, anyone who says that word has to take a shot.

7 = You start counting and at every number that contains a 7 or can be divided by 7, you shout BUZZ! After every “buzz” the count continues in the other direction. The loser, of course, takes a shot.

8 = you can invent a new rule

9 = say a word that the others must find rhyme words for, the first one who doesn’t know one has to take a shot.

10 = whenever someone answers a question you ask, he/she has to take a shot (Quizmaster).

Jack = point at someone you want to take a shot. Everyone points at someone else at the same time, and after 5 seconds you see who gets the most votes: time to take a shot!

Queen = you choose a category, for example you choose make-up brands. The first person who doesn’t know a brand or gives a wrong answer has to take a shot.

Heer = you invent a special drink. The next two people who draw this card are put on top of the glass. The last person to draw a king has to drink the special beverage.

Ace = the direction in which players pick their cards changes.

Extra rule: if you break the circle, you have to drink!

High or low

What do you need?

  • A deck of playing cards (without jokers)
  • Booze

Goal? Just guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous card,


All cards are placed in the middle and turned upside down, except for one card that is open.

The dealer should ask the player “is the next card higher or lower?”

If the player’s answer is wrong, take a shot.


Drawing the same card twice in a row = 2 shots

Drawing a 5 or a 9 = introduce a new rule

The game is over when all cards are gone.


What do you need?

  • a long table
  • 2 ping pong balls
  • 20 red cups

Goal? The goal is to shoot the ping pong ball in the opponent’s cup from a distance. The opponent has to drink the content of the cup if the ping pong ball lands in a cup of beer.

What to do?

Each side of the table has cups in a triangle formation:

With six cups = 3-2-1

With ten cups = 4-3-2-1

And each triangle is set up straight across from each other. Every team should place an extra cup with water to clean the ping pong balls. And the remaining cups should be filled halfway with beer.

(Note: Drinking too much alcohol could influence your skills, which may detriment you to lose the game!)

Who wins? The first team to eliminate all the cups is the winner and losers should drink the remaining cups of the opponents too.


What do you need?

  • 2 dice
  • booze


One player is eliminated each round and the number of rounds have already been determined.

Every player throws the die 3 times. If you throw a 1 or a 2, you hold them for the next throw. For the third throw, you cannot keep the same dice.


1 and 1 = 100

1 and 2 = MEX (the highest possible score)

1 and 3 = 31

3 and 6 = 63

5 and 5 = 500

6 and 6 = 600

Note: Every time it results to MEX, all other players should take a shot.

Your turn ends if you throw 1 and 2 (MEX) in the first or second try. Others can also throw the same number of times it took you to get MEX.

Who wins?

All remaining players who have not been eliminated win. And the player with the lowest score has to drink. If there is a tie, the players can either play again against each other or simply drink.

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