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5 Must-Visit Sunny Winter Destinations

Sunny Winter

Winter can be great but it can also be miserable if it’s always overcast. When you feel like the dim, cold season in your area is getting unbearable, we have a few places you might want to check out. These spots are sunnily beautiful and in some cases, quite affordable thanks to some great ski holiday deals.


Livigno, Italy

This little slice of paradise has been notorious in the past for being a rather risky destination. These days, it’s a special place that hasn’t yet been commercialized to the point where the prices are unbelievably expensive. Oh, and it’s tax free too! As a result, this skiing spot close to the borders of Switzerland can cost skiers some of the lowest prices for a six-day ski hire in Europe. The locale itself is pleasantly traditional and the slopes are perfect for beginners.

Livigno Italy


6-Day Ski hire: £80


Livigno, Italy

2. Popova Šapka, Macedonia

Once the haven exclusively enjoyed by Macedonians, this beautiful destination has exploded in popularity because of how cheap the prices are for a 6-day ski pass along with the amenities surrounding it. At some point, ski hire can go for as low as £50 which is about half of what most of the ski resorts in Europe can offer. Of course, it depends a lot on the deals that the clients will get beforehand so make sure to check out available ski holiday deals to get the most affordable prices.

Popova Sapka Macedonia


6-Day Ski Hire: £50


Popova Šapka, Macedonia

3. Ellmau, Austria

Quaint, traditional and absolutely beautiful, Ellmau offers some of the most affordable ski and accommodation prices in Austria. With Ski hire going as low as £65 for the full 6 days as well as the numerous budget hotels and chalets, skiing for cheap is more than possible. During the winter season, customers can also get some pretty sweet deals that can make the affordable price even cheaper. Novice skiers will also appreciate the wide area of beautiful snow-blanketed forests that make for easy skiing.

Ellmau Austria


6-Day Ski Hire: £140


Ellmau, Austria

4. Mayrhofen, Austria

Offering between 1750 meters to 2500 meters of ski area, Mayrhofen offers plenty of ski options for skiers of every level. What’s great about this spot, aside from the £85 ski hire you can usually get, is the fact that it’s not such an obvious destination for skiers. It’s got some pretty amazing old hotels that offer affordable accommodations and excellent cheap beer too.

Mayrhofen Austria


6-Day Ski hire: £85


Mayrhofen, Austria

5. Berchtesgaden, Germany

Full of wonderful people, a great countryside location for hikes and perfect for ski beginners, Berchtesgaden is a great choice as a winter destination in Germany. There are plenty of affordable activities aside from skiing too such as visiting the spa centres and the lovely local town, and there are plenty of ski holiday deals that you can find during winter.

Berchtesgaden Germany


6-Day Ski Hire: £75


Berchtesgaden, Germany

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